The 7 Rules to Success

September 13, 2022

Christopher El Khoury


The 7 Rules to Success

Being on time shows respect for who you are meeting with and how serious you are about what you are doing, it tells the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. This doesn’t just apply to being on time for meetings and appointments. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. When you set yourself a task, treat it like an important meeting that you need to be on time for. If you were pitching an investor you wouldn't show up 30 minutes late or the next day would you? NO! You get there half an hour early. Sticking to your schedule and completing things on time will curate a no BS mindset, when something needs to be done, it gets done, when you say it will. This will inspire others to be confident in you as a leader.


Attitude is everything. In most fields of business and entrepreneurship, it’s 95% mindset and 5% skill. Choosing to wake up and go to sleep with a winning attitude is the difference between achieving success, growing your business and ending up with a “what if it had worked all those years ago” story. Let’s talk about what a successful attitude is; Think of a lion in the savannah stalking its prey. You lock into what you want, you become totally aware of what you are trying to achieve, you embrace everything about that moment and your goals, and at the opportune moment you pounce. You attack your goals with ferocity and aggression, there is no force on this Earth that can stand in between you and what you want to accomplish.



There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Everything we do comes at a cost, be it monetary or otherwise. In the world of business, that cost is always risk. We take on risks in the hope that they can pay off in the future. It’s a constant cycle, we risk, we get a reward, we risk bigger and return bigger and then repeat. If you hope to grow this will always come with a risk, the bigger that is, the bigger the potential return is. That being said, you may not be in a position to take on a huge risk at the moment. Start small, and build, not your business, but build up the level of risk you take. If your risk is growing, your return is growing and your business is growing right alongside. 



This sounds like a no brainer. But you’ll be surprised at how many people there are in the world that don’t have the guts to pursue their dreams. Don’t doubt yourself, you may fail, in fact, you probably will over and over again until you eventually succeed. This is what the process looks like, not being afraid to win means not being afraid to fail initially so that you can win later.



Learn to embrace the fact that everything is your fault. No, I know what you are thinking. Read that again. Everything is your fault.


Covid affecting business?

Nope, it’s your fault. You didn't plan well enough, you didn't adapt fast enough.


Key staff being poached by your competitor with more money than you can afford to pay?

Nope, it’s your fault. You didn’t inspire them enough, you didn't build an environment that they could thrive in. their job was just a paycheck and not something more because you didn't create that environment.


Imagine this, you, Steve, and Beth are sailing around the world. You each have your own boat and move on your own schedules.

All 3 of you are on a white sandy beach on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, sailing conditions are ideal. Steve decides to set sail for the next island, and has an easy journey. You and Beth decide to enjoy the beach. The next day Beth sets sail, the weather isn’t as good as the day before, but it hasn’t quite turned yet. She hits a few snags along the way but other than that makes it to the next island just fine. You on the other hand have decided to enjoy every last minute of good weather, Now that conditions have changed, you set sail in rough seas not wanting to fall behind the other two. You get hit by a storm, your boat sinks.


Did you get unlucky with the weather? Were Steve and Beth just in the right place at the right time? Is it the universe's fault? Nope - you chose to enjoy the sunshine, you didn't make a sacrifice like Steve or Beth, YOU chose to stay on the beach.


No one ever achieved anything by making excuses.



This is the next step up after not blaming others, you need to OWN your failures. Admitting that you failed because it was your fault, and not because the odds were stacked against you. This is the only true way of learning from your failures. Failing is not inherently bad, or wrong. Failing doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed, it means that you made a mistake along the way. Failing is what lets you learn, so that the next time you are faced with an adversity you can conquer it more easily by learning from your mistakes.


Now here's the important part. If you don’t own your failures, you can’t own your success.


How can you say I succeeded because I worked hard - I failed because the universe was against me


See? Doesn’t really work.



Lastly, let’s talk about your relationship with yourself. Taking everything in this blog post into account, reading them does nothing. You need to make sure you are sticking to it, don’t let yourself slip, don't give yourself a break. You may take the occasional cheat day from your diet, but this is not one of those times. Once you decide to set yourself on the path of success, every day, every hour, every minute has to be relentless, don't let yourself off easy.