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From the Greek word νεωτερίζω, the Cosmos Neo Fund aims to push what is possible through venture capital investing. We invest in innovative people running innovating startups, in a new innovative way. Our Unique process gives investors exposure into startups at a much earlier stage than what is typical of VC investments with no capital down, ensuring greater equity acquired, at a significantly lower risk. Likewise for our founders, our process gives us the ability to say yes to a far more diverse crowd at an earlier stage where other venture capital firms will show you the door. We have spent years in the business development sector, prior to setting up the Neo fund, working with early stage startups, learning how to solve expensive problems on the cheap. We have grown businesses from a pre ABN stage to multimillion dollar enterprises, without investing a cent. We take that same knowledge, expertise, and recourses and use them on the companies we are investing in, taking a hands on approach; as opposed to throwing money at problems and hoping they resolve themselves.

The Neo Process



An innovative founder has a great idea for a startup that will change the world. All it is is a thought, maybe a one-man army gearing up to launch. This is where we like to open the discussion pre-PRE seed.



Unlike other VCs, we say yes to almost anyone. With years of experience growing businesses without funding. We'll contract our team and extensive resources to help you grow, and prove your salt as an entrepreneur.



Once we see that you are the right person to grow your business and you are in it for the long term, we cancel our retainer and take equity in lieu of payment. Allowing you to reinvest that capital into the business and make it grow.



Once we are confident that there is potential and we've seen you efficiently deploy capital, we'll dip our hand into our wallet and double down on our investment. Investing in all current and future rounds.

Better Efficiency


can expect capital deployed more efficiently than other VC firms. We have a hands on approach to our investments. We have spent years in the business development space, prior to setting up the Neo fund. Learning what works and what doesn't, we are accustomed to solving expensive problems on the cheap, and will be doing the same with your capital. Where other VC firms throw your money at startups problems and hope they go away, we will always look for a way to improve businesses without having to deploy capital; Assuming the risk ourselves, and passing on the returns to you.


face a plethora of challenges, especially when it comes to early stage startups. Approaching venture capital firms or angel investors can be a tempting solution. But let's face it, if you can't make it work without money you probably won't be able to with the added cash either. We are very much NOT passive investors, expect a cosmos business development manager to be by your side every step of the way. All you have to do is have a great idea, we'll handle all the rest, that way you can focus on what really matters


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The key to a successful business goes beyond having a groundbreaking idea and working hard, it is also the resources to captivate and retain customers that your business can be in the game sustainably. With a marketing plan tailored to fit your business vision, your social presence can be built and reinforced with content generated by marketing experts to draw traffic, increase brand awareness and upscale sales conversions. Your envisioned goal could be achieved by a formula unique to yourself: whether it is social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing, pay per click (PPC) marketing, email marketing or influencer marketing, or a blend of these marketing strategies. Powered by AI analytics tools, your social insights will be dissected, analysed and reported in clarity to facilitate avant-garde marketing solutions and overcome big business challenges.

Business development

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Having a Cosmos BDM on board with you when starting a business can be the most valuable asset you have. A talented and experienced BDM has made the mistakes you haven't had a chance to make yet and learn from them. They are effectively highly talented business partners for hire that will help plan out and run your new business so that you can focus on innovating your market and not have to worry about the headache of learning the ‘business’ side of running a business. This will help you hit the road running with your new company and ensure you constantly grow. Our business planning service incorporates every aspect of business development, your dedicated BDM will help set you on the right marketing path, build a strong sales team, help you develop your products, make valuable introductions, make sure you are not wasting money, and more.


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Soft skills are often overlooked when it comes to growing a business. At Cosmos we have decades of combined experience in helping you get the best deal possible; we negotiate with existing vendors, clients or even distributors, by putting together creative solutions only made possible through our own networks that benefit everyone involved.  Networking with third parties who have a common point of interest can, in the right situations, open up new opportunities such as penetrating markets, finance options or even large B2B customers. Different businesses benefit from different types of networking, most often one of the best ways to build a strong book of connections is through trade shows, seminars or conferences. All of these will put you in front of a large group of like minded individuals or customers. A strong network also allows you to build a good reputation within your industry, bringing you more clients and customers through word of mouth.

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Our Unique approach to Venture Capital will give you risk free exposure to innovative startups and unicorns at a much earlier stage. Once we have proven the business model of the companies we are investing in we are able to negotiate an equity in lieu of payment for our services. All the equity is moved into our investors portfolio. If we continue to see growth and opportunities arise for these companies, only then will we deploy your capital to acquire larger portions of these businesses, opening up the opportunity for higher returns and better valuations.



Getting investment for a startup can be a nightmare. Especially in early stages Venture capital firms will turn most founders away regardless of how good your idea is, there is just simply too much risk involved. We have the opposite philosophy, we turn down very few founders. Instead of simply saying "no" if we consider you to be too high risk we may elect to take equity in your start up in exchange for our services to help you grow. Once we are confident in you and your business we will take the next step and put capital down to take you to the next level.

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Greater Potential Returns

With our unique investment strategy investors can experience greater potential returns over traditional VC investing. Our ability to acquire without having to invest your capital as well as our earlier typical investment stage means that at the end of the day you will have a higher equity share of innovative statups for less capital down.